Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Do I have to be an AMA Member?


  • Founded in 1924, the AMA has an unparalleled history of pursuing, protecting and promoting the interests of the world's largest and most dedicated group of motorcycle enthusiasts. JOIN HERE

Q: Will my bike need to pass an inspection?

A: 'YES'

  • Street licensed, legal motorcycles only!
  • U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrestor.
  • Be able to pass an exhaust sound decibal test. 96dB Max.
  • You must have a roll chart holder installed.
  • Your bike must have a working odometer.
  • Roll chart holders will be available for purchase at the event.

Q: How many miles is it?

A: Fri 225-250 mi / Sat 225-250 mi'

  • Depending on your chosen route.
  • Choose from: Easy, Hard or Adventure Routes

Q: What kind of GPS do I need?

A: Garmin, TrailTech etc.

  • You won't "need" a GPS at all!
  • But if you want to use one, the tracks will be available for most any Garmin units and the TrailTech Voyager or Voyager Pro
  • Be sure to bring your connection cable or SD card too!

Q: Do I really need a roll chart holder if I have GPS?

A: 'YES'

  • Roll Chart navigation is the tried and true navigation method
  • Plus.. the batteries will never run out!

Q: What will the weather be like?


  • Prepare for these conditions and you should be fine.
  • NOTE ~ twilight 6:04AM, Sunrise 6:31AM - Sunset 4:38PM, twilight 5:05PM

Q: What if I don’t have a riding partner?

A: Please look on District 37 message board to find a riding partner before the ride

  • Because riding alone is not advised, we encourage you to find a partner or group on our forums.
  • No one rides alone! The District 37 folks make sure of that!

Q: Are there group rates available on hotels?


  • Group rates will be made available here for the LA-Barstow-Vegas ride

Have more questions?

Please visit the D37 Message Board for LOTS more info - HERE

The message board can be helpful to find transportation at various points needed before and after the ride.